Kayak users in Millport had a remarkable glimpse of one of the largest sea water fish in the UK at the weekend.

The giant basking shark was spotted off the coastline at the Isle of Cumbrae, and water users managed a particular close look at the marine creatures.

Eilidh Beck, who captured the below footage, said: "It was amazing - the day before we were surrounded by dolphins there were so many.


"About four years ago I was of the side off Wee Cumbrae with a basking shark but didn't get too close, and I remember maybe 20 years ago there was a huge one in the bay for hours but that was the only one I've ever seen in the bay.

"Hopefully we keep seeing such magical creatures in our waters!"

Largs and Millport Weekly News: Jaw-some - Basking shark Jaw-some - Basking shark