Views can still be submitted on the proposed cable development set for Hunterston which includes a giant tower. 

XLCC have lined up the project which they say could bring 900 jobs to the area - and have submitted a planning proposal to North Ayrshire Council.

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Local councillor Alan Hill said: "This is an image showing the approximate height of the proposed XLCC Tower at the Fairlie Coal Yard, immediately to the south of the village of Fairlie.

"This image was plotted by an architect using information taken from the Council's web site relating to the application itself.

"This shows the full extent of the proposed structure and the impact it is going to have on the surrounding area.

"It is not too late to make your views known to the Council's Planning Department using Planning Reference 22/00133/PPPM:- Planning Department, North Ayrshire Council, Cunninghame House, Irvine KA12 8EE."

The XLCC application states: "Clearly the tower will be a landmark, although relatively tall structures have been part of the site since the 1970s. The cranes on the jetty are 72 metres tall.

"The two direct reduction plants were furnace units in the form of vertical shafts with an overall height of 65 metres. More recently the two wind turbines stood at 183 metres to the tip of the blades.

"To the south of the site, the containment buildings of Hunterston A and B Nuclear Power Station Stand at 55m in height."

 A Peel Ports spokesperson said: "One of the key, long-term aims for Hunterston is to bring the important site to full economic use. 


“The site's combination of marine access, transport connectivity, scale and facilities presents North Ayrshire with the opportunity to attract many hundreds of highly-skilled jobs focused on sustainable energy, the environment and aquaculture. The positive impact on the local economy would be game-changing.


“The site has incredible potential to become one of Scotland's most significant drivers in tackling climate change, creating jobs, regenerating the local community and so much more.”

The plans can be viewed here