PEOPLE across Largs and Millport are being warned to be on their guard after 'significant thefts' through phone and email scams.

Residents have reported receiving calls from people claiming to be from a bank or another financial body, claiming that accounts have been compromised and requesting an immediate transfer of funds into another.
Most recently, officers have also received reports of WhatsApp messages being sent from fraudsters claiming to be a friends or family member with a new phone number, asking for money to be sent to them.
Superintendent Gillian Grant, of Largs police, said: “Sadly we are aware of cases where people have lost significant sums of money to cold calling scams locally. We would urge everyone to take steps to ensure both themselves and family members are protected. 
“The people who perpetrate this kind of scam go to great lengths to appear genuine but it is important not to trust any unexpected correspondence.
“Never pass your personal or financial details to anyone unless you’re clear who they are and why they require that information. 
“Any victims of such crimes, or anyone with any concerns can contact Police Scotland via 101."