RESIDENTS of a Largs neighbourhood are barking mad over plans to open a new pet shop and doggy daycare close to their homes.

An application has been submitted to North Ayrshire Council to turn the former Bluestone Gift Shop in Lovat Street into a retail unit selling pet products - with a dog creche at the rear.

The woman behind the plan, Lynsey Ewin, says the pet-sitting service would operate five days a week, with a fence built to allow the dogs outside and new parking spaces created.

She said: “My intention is to have a retail unit selling pet accessories and products and in addition a daycare service which will be open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

“I plan to fence off the garden to allow some outside space for my customers and their pets.

“There is sufficient on street parking on Lovat Street, however I do not anticipate that my customers will be stopping for any more than a few minutes for drop off and pick ups.

“I will put a six-foot fence around the property made from wood and painted in a natural colour and we will build the front portion further back to allow for off street parking spaces.”

A group of 15 nearby residents have been consulted, with three objections to the plans lodged over noise, smell and the congestion fears.

One said: “We are objecting as dogs can be extremely noisy and we are also worried about the awful smell that they could also could produce.

“We are already annoyed by traffic on the main A78 trunk road and even more noise from lots of dogs could be simply unbearable.”

Another added: “The intention to build a six foot fence over the entire length of this property would block our view and diminish light coming in.

“The fence would look unsightly and not in keeping with the look of a residential area such as Lovat Street, where pride is taken on the outside appearance of properties.

“There has been no suggestion of any limit on the number of pets either.

“One barking dog would make life intolerable for the neighbours - the thought of numerous dogs making a racket fills me with dread.”

Concerns have also been raised about the proposed additional parking, with objectors saying it will be a hazard for residents and is not necessary.

One explained: “Proposed additional parking will in my opinion create an issue for pedestrians using the pavement."

Transport officials at the council have recommended that the application be deferred due to there being insufficient information on the parking plans.

Officials have asked the applicant to amend the plans to include more detail, such as the number of spaces and the proposed construction of the parking area.

The full planning application can be found on North Ayrshire Council’s planning portal.