SIX new arrivals at Cumbrae Primary School have made an ‘egg-cellent’ start to life on the island.

Pupils at the school have welcomed a flock of chickens, which will be cared for by the youngsters and their teachers.

The school was awarded a £3,000 grant from the council to bring the animals to the school and help pupils learn about taking care of them and the use of their eggs.

The idea was first raised after a successful 15 week partnership with the island’s Field Studies Centre.

Head Teacher Julie McAleese says the animals have been a hit so far, with pupils getting creative to give them all names in the first few weeks.

She said: “The birds are all healthy and already laying eggs.

“We had our pupils name each chicken, and the winning names were Snowdrop, Ginger, Midnight, Coco, Pepper and Hazel.

“The pupils are currently participating in a daily rota system to look after them, socialise with them and scrub down the run and coop.

“They are taking the eggs that they lay home and are being encouraged to let everyone know what they cooked with them.”

Julie says the new arrivals have provided a whole host of educational benefits.

She added: “It is wonderful seeing the children gain so much knowledge about caring for animals and developing life skills with real purpose.”