POLICE are investigating two online frauds in Largs which resulted in significant sums of money being stolen.

A resident in Brisbane Road was scammed through a rogue an online purchase scam where no goods were delivered, with a second similar fraud involving a homeowner in Jura Way.
Significant sums of money were removed from both people's bank accounts.
A police spokesperson said: "These types of incident are something that we are seeing reported more often. 
“Any unsolicited approaches or requests asking for personal information or money should simply not be met. 
"These include approaches by doorstep callers, emails, telephone calls or social media platforms. 
“Fraudsters and scammers apply all manner of tactics to seem plausible and genuine. 
“If you have any doubt whatsoever about the person who has contacted you, then do not give them any information or money. 
“If you feel pressured into acting quickly don’t, take a moment to step back and think.”
Police have issued further advice at www.scotland.police.uk/advice-and-information/scams-and-frauds/