A BUSINESSWOMAN has unveiled plans to open a day care centre for dogs in Largs.
Lynsey Ewing has applied for planning permission for a new facility - called The Pooch Pod - at the Bluestone Gift Shop premises in Lovat Street.

The Largs pet-sitting service would operate five days a week, with a fence built to allow the dogs outside and new jobs created.
Lynsey, 41, told the News that she has already had a great response from the dog-loving community.
She said: "Last year I trained to be a dog groomer and my business has gone from strength to strength.
"I have worked in the school office at Largs Primary for years and I love it there but equally I was at a point where my dog grooming business was taking off.
"More and more people have asked me about doing doggy care sitting, and then this opportunity came up at Bluestone.
"I thought I could carry on my dog grooming and expand it into a doggy day care centre.
"There will be a pet retail centre at the front and I will focus on my doggy day care to the back of the centre.
"I have done lots of research with dog day care centres around Britain and picked up lots of good ideas.
"The whole internal layout will be for the dogs - doggy sensory areas, ball pits, a big sofa for dogs to lounge on, a TV on the wall with soothing music and sounds, and I will be interacting with them at the time.
"I will need two extra people so I will bring in jobs and there might an opportunity for more than that in future.
Lynsey also plans to play soothing classical music for the pooches at nap times, but her plans are not music to the ears of some local residents.
Some neighbours have voiced opposition to the proposal over the noise caused by barking dogs, smells and the six foot fence in the garden area surrounding the building.
Lynsey said: "I don't plan for the dogs to be out in the garden all day - they can go out for a little fresh air.
"Dogs don't normally bark when they are happy, engaged and playing.
"I think the people of Largs will really appreciate having somewhere for their dogs to go and can interact with other dogs and is going to be fun.
"There are a lot of people who bought a dog over lockdown and now everyone is going back to their work.
"People are going from home working to hybrid working so loads of families are looking for some additional support or help."
Lynsey, who lives in Largs with husband Ross, and children Lily, Mitchell and Blair, is hopeful of getting the green light from planners, and opening the premises later this year.
She said: "I will still carry on with my grooming and I am looking for some really enthusiastic dog lovers who want to come and work with me.
"I can't wait to get started."