THE furious mother of a Largs man left disabled by a cowardly street assault says she is appalled that her son's attacker has dodged a prison sentence.

Iain McCallum, 47, was brutally assaulted at a bus stop in Gallowgate Street late at night last November in an incident which shocked the community.

Iain suffered serious injuries and struggles to walk as a result of the unprovoked attack. He is still receiving physiotherapy as a result of the horrific ordeal.

Last week at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court, Andrew Finlay, 31, pleaded guilty to carrying out the attack, but walked free with a fine and a compensation order totalling £3,275.

Iain, who suffered a massive stroke as a teenager, was rushed to Inverclyde Royal Hospital after being found lying in the street following an attack 'by a man all in black'.

He suffered a broken cheekbone, as well as serious facial, arm and leg injuries.

A community-wide witness appeal was launched by Largs police while CCTV from pubs and businesses was scoured by detectives, which ultimately led to Finlay's arrest.

Iain's mum Grace Maclean told the News that it was 'rough justice' for her son after what he he had gone through.

She said: "What has happened will not make a scrap of difference to Iain's health. He has been left with a disability now, his walking is badly affected and he has been left with a numbness in his leg.

"He is due to go for another CT and MRI scan, including x-rays, and continues to undergo physiotherapy.

"I was warned that there was a chance that Finlay wouldn't get a prison sentence, but I am disgusted at the punishment.

"The only thing that it brings is a sense of closure and relief that Iain and myself don't have to go to court and be put through a trial.

"From Ian's point of view, he has been through a terrible experience and he openly says it has ruined his life.

"To beat someone so ferociously that they are left disabled, then to just get a silly fine, is incredible. What my son has gone through emotionally and physically from this ordeal makes this verdict very difficult to take."

Iain, who has speech and language problems, works at Inverclyde Sports Centre helping sports groups with equipment. He is well known in the community and a popular figure around town.

Grace, 71, said: "The equipment that Iain uses has now had to be adapted - Sportscotland have been first class and they couldn't have been better.

"The town has also been terrific and everyone has been very supportive. This guy has ruined Ian's life, he will never be the same again.

"It is rough justice for Iain. This person can pick up his life and move on, but Iain can't."

Grace also thanked the police officers involved in the investigation which led to Finlay's arrest.