FLY-TIPPERS have ruined a popular beauty spot after dumping lorry-loads of rubbish there.

Douglas Mackay, 65, of Castlepark Drive in Fairle, took his grandchildren Martha, nine, Harry, six, and Oliver, three, up to the historic castle for a walk and were confronted with the shocking sight.

As well as assorted rubbish, the family were stunned to find a couch and chair also ditched.

Douglas said: "I have never seen anything like this in Fairlie.

"I was taking my grandchildren up to the wee rope swing area behind the castle and there is a wee gate which backs on to Ladies Walk. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. What on earth goes through people's minds to do something like this.

"It is shocking - there was old kitchen and bathroom materials, part of a couch, and a lot of old papers and documents."

Douglas says his grandchildren were particularly upset by the flytipping.

He said: "It was a real shock for Martha, who is very eco conscious. She thought it was an absolutely awful thing for someone to do.

"She has been studying environmental issues at school, and my grandchildren were involved in a recent litter tidy up at Brisbane Glen which featured in the Largs and Millport Weekly News after they collected rubbish in black bags.

"Martha couldn't believe her eyes.

"The area is a lovely spot and very popular with dog walkers. It has such scenic views out over the Clyde, so this is the last thing you want to see. It spoils it for everyone."

Items dumped include a pedestal for a bathroom and other furnishings which have been ripped out from a home.

Douglas added: "It looked like someone had been renovating their house and just torn everything out and left it here - and what a mess they have left.

"It is terrible that someone should resort to just dumping litter in a beautiful countryside spot like this rather than pay the small amount for a council uplift charge."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We received several reports relating to recent deposits of construction material at local beauty spots around the area.

“Enforcement officers carried out a thorough investigation and three were found to have originated from the same source.

“Fixed penalties were then issued against each incident and the alleged offender was given a further opportunity to return and collect the illegally deposited waste.

“Two of the deposits have been removed and the third still to be revisited.”