New cases of covid-19 in Largs and on Cumbrae continue to fall as case numbers keep declining across the country.

27 new cases were recorded in the town and on the island between July 10 and 16, a decrease on the 45 cases registered in the previous week.

Largs South saw ten new cases, Largs North recorded six cases, whilst Largs Central and Cumbrae registered 11 new cases in the past seven recorded days.

Case numbers have remained steady in the nearby villages of Skelmorlie, Fairlie, and West Kilbride and Seamill.

Fairlie registered eight cases in the past week, Skelmorlie recorded three cases, and West Kilbride and Seamill also saw 15 new cases.

Across North Ayrshire, a further 323 cases of the virus have been recorded, a slight decrease on the 445 cases between June July 3 and 9.

Across Scotland, a further 13,046 cases were recorded in the last week, a significant decrease from the 17,201 cases registered across the country in the previous week.

Across all local authorities, North Ayrshire currently sits 15th overall for its case rate, compared to 12th the week before.

Renfrewshire currently has the highest case rate of any local authority in Scotland.