ISLANDERS took a trip back in time to raise over £1,000 for the ongoing renovation of the Millport Town Hall.

The Millport Cinema Memories night saw up to 50 people dress up as their favourite characters from the flicks.

The fun evening was preceded by an afternoon of fun for youngsters a community consultation, which aimed to find out what islanders wanted from the town hall when it is completed.

Judith Barbour, the Millport Town Hall Charity’s community liaison officer, says the whole day was a huge success.

She said: “We wanted to hear from parents what they want to have going on in the town hall in the future, and while the mums and dads were doing that, we had the kids' disco with games and competitions, and the Millport Pipe Band piped the kids inside.

“The night for adults was hugely popular, everyone wanted to relive going to see movies at the town hall in the '70s.

“There was a lot of nostalgia and that’s going to be a big thing for the hall when it reopens, as well as looking towards the future.”

Judith thanked the local businesses who gave generously towards the raffle.

She explained: “The fact we raised over £1,000 is amazing, especially considering raffle tickets were only £1.

“Nobody charged for any entertainment or music for the whole day, and the prizes were all donated by local businesses like the Brisbane House Hotel, Inverclyde Sports Centre and the Screen Machine.

“Morrisons and the Co-op donated retro sweets and popcorn for the kids, the Premier Store gave us oranges and the Garrison Café donated juice and balloons.

“It was a real community effort, despite the renovation not being completed yet, and that is really heartwarming to see.”

Judith believes the hall will be vital to the island when it’s complete, and she is making a special effort to highlight its importance to new arrivals to Millport.

She said: “It is important for us to keep the town hall in the spotlight as the renovation continues at some pace.

“We know the hall will be for all sorts of purposes, and we are always looking for more people to express an interest in using it.

“We want to encourage new people on the island to get involved with arts, drama, music and even line dancing.

“Maybe new residents on the island don’t have the memories of what it used to be, but we want them to understand its importance to everyone else.”