A MOTHER and son duo are bringing a unique form of yoga to Largs - after spending six weeks learning the art in the mountains of Mexico.

Reece Ewart, who owns Pine Marten Plants in the town, and mum Carole Quinn have started classes at Douglas Park teaching Kundalini Yoga.

Reece says it can help build self-esteem and confidence, helping people make positive changes in their lives.

He explained: “I got into regular yoga back in 2018 when I was a hairdresser and I was always getting back spasms.

“In November I asked my mum, who has been practicing shamanism for a decade, if she wanted to go to Mexico to learn this unique form of yoga.

“It was the best three weeks of my life in what can only be described as an immersive retreat, but you came out of it with a totally changed mindset.

“The people that taught us have been doing Kundalini Yoga for 50 years and have no mental health issues or other health problems.

"It is unlike anything I've experienced."

Reece wanted to bring the classes back to Largs and revealed they have proven popular already.

He said: “We had five people at the first class which wasn’t too bad given the lack of publicity, and then we had 15 at the second session.

“It’s nice to have people talking after the classes and making new friends, which is not always easy these days.

“It’s about building a community and helping people with their mental health in what is a stressful time for everyone."

Reece reveals that his own time practicing Kundalini Yoga has led to major changes in his own life.

He said: “I’ve always wanted to be someone who gets up early but I had never really been that person until now.

“When you’re in Mexico for weeks and are made to wake up at 4am every morning to pass the course, it changes your whole approach.

“It was all about making time for yourself in the morning to do your own yoga and really focus on what you need.

“Now I’m doing that here and I have more energy than ever before."

Classes takes place in Douglas Park. For the latest dates and times and for more information, email tejsubagh@gmail.com