ICONIC soap Neighbours came to an end on Friday - but not many people know of the many connections between Largs the show.

Kylie Minogue, who made an emotional return to Ramsay Street for the finale, visited Largs in 1998 as she appeared in BBC1 Scotland's 'McCoist and McAulay' interview show.

Kylie visited Barrfields Theatre where she was interviewed by ex-footballer Ally McCoist and comedian Fred MacAulay.

Fred said: "I had just broken my leg at the time and Kylie had signed the plaster cast. I don't think anyone else can quite say that. I still have it in the loft somewhere.

"Having Kylie on the show was just incredible - it was one of those amazing things where things just fell into place at the right times.

"Our first question was to be, 'Kylie, what the hell are you doing in Largs?' But the producer said you can't swear as it doesn't sit with the branding of the show so we just had to ask her what brought her to Largs.

"The odd thing about her visit, as many people will remember at the time, is that she had to rush off to Glasgow Airport straight after broadcast as she was heading out to Australia to attend Michael Hutchence's funeral. She she was a former girlfriend of the INXS lead singer."

A Largs actress became famous across the globe through a starring role in the soap made a surprise return to local shores in 1987.

Elaine Smith became a household name for playing Daphne Lawrence in the show, but was born here and during the height of fame, returned to her roots.

She left Largs as a baby when her parents Archie and Jean Smith emigrated to Rhodesia. Later the family spent some time in South Africa before moving to Oz.

Elaine, who was 23 when she returned, said in an exclusive Largs and Millport News interview at the time: "I had to come to Largs to see where I was born and meet the people who knew my father and mother. I think is a lovely place." 

Elaine trained at drama school in Melbourne before becoming a professional actress on the daily soap. Her mother, Jean Jack, was also a native of Largs.

Elaine made her Neighbours debut in 1985 as Daphne, and ran the coffee shop before finding romance with bumbling bank manager Des Clarke, who was played by Paul Keane.

The Largs born actress went on to star in several other Australian shows, including The Flying Doctors and Home And Away, before leaving the profession and becoming a school teacher in Sydney.

Plenty of News readers have passed through Ramsay Street over the years on trips to Oz, including Dave Cameron who sent us this snap of his meeting with Stefan Denis, who played ruthless businessman Paul Robinson in the hit soap.