A BIG-HEARTED Largs theatre group hope keeping their admission prices low will allow families to take a trip back to the theatre - without breaking the bank.

The McDougalls are keeping entry fees under £10 for all of their shows – including an upcoming performance at Barrfields in Largs.

Creator Ryan Moir says it is important days out remain affordable.

He said: “Parents have got a real appetite to take their kids to shows after two years of being cooped up at home.

“Unfortunately as prices have gone up, going to the theatre has become a luxury for some people, so we have vowed to keep our shows under a tenner.

“Going to see a show can be an expensive day out with a large group, so anything we can do to lessen that is a must.”

Ryan believes that the popularity of online shows will also continue to grow.

He explained: “We really embraced that during the pandemic and it propelled us to audiences we wouldn’t have reached touring our live show.

“We are currently using a mix of online and lives, with thousands of school pupils watching us in classrooms in June.

“For the Christmas show this year we are wanting to have both, where people can come and see us live but there is also a digital option for people who don’t live near one of the venues."

The McDougalls are set to return to Barrfields this Friday for their Big Splash show before heading to England for a run south of the border.

Tickets can be purchased from www.ticketsource.co.uk/booking/select/RdiEJKhzXNnT