MILLPORT County Music Festival headliner Drake White says he 'can't wait to visit' the island as he takes a break from international tour across America and Mexico.

The event returns after a three year absence on August 19 and 20 and organisers have revealed most of the weekend tickets have sold out.

White this posted a video to his tens of thousands of social media followers flagging up his trip to Scotland - and saying how much he is looking forward to returning.

Event chairman Gavin Chittick said: "What we are doing is focussing our efforts on the local market.

"There are 150,000 people who live within a 30 minute drive of Largs Slipway and we are concentrating on ensuring that they all know the event is on.

"We hope that a good chunk of the Largs population too will come over and join us.

"Our headliner, Drake White, posted a video saying how much he is looking forward to coming to Millport.

"It is his only appearance in Scotland and it gained close to 10,000 views within a few hours of posting.

"It will also be Sunny Sweeney's first ever Scottish date and this is a real coup - she is just a class act and her new album is one of the best around."

The traditional festival parade has been dropped as the full focus will be on the music, which includes 23 live music acts on the Saturday from noon to 7.30pm.

There are still a few Saturday tickets and some limited weekend tickets available at