It is barbecue time at the Cameron Centre in Largs on August 6 which is just in time for the good sunshine weather.

The Lade Street facility is hosting the event in their patio which includes musical entertainment at 12.30pm. The forecast is good for the middle of next week which will see a rise in temperatures to 20C.

It is a busy time for the Cameron Centre with plenty of events and activities from keep fit to Knit and Knatter.
And the Sensory Impaired Support Group will next meet at the Cameron Centre in Largs on August 9.
The winners of the weekly draw held on July 25 were:-​ Ann Paton,​ Elizabeth Crawford, George Wilkie and Evelyn McLauchlan. Farmfood Vouchers must be collected within 4 weeks of draw date.

The Cameron Centreis based in Lade Street and its membership is open to 60 and over.