CRUEL thieves stole food and bowls used to feed a wild cat that has been adopted by the people of Largs.

Marina has made her home on the outskirts of Largs Yacht Haven and the tortoiseshell moggy has become something of a celebrity pet - regularly pictured along the marina path route with visitors.

Such is her popularity local animal lovers regularly head along the trail to make sure she is well fed and watered each day - only to discover at the weekend that her supplies had been stolen.

Fairlie villager Benny Harris has now come to the rescue by replacing the box and provide fresh food, water and bedding for the friendly feline

Cash donations have also been pledged for volunteers to get food - with a note now pinned left at the cat's 'home' warning off thieves.

Benny said: "Somebody's removed Marina's food tub and all her food. I was absolutely raging when I heard, so I went along and replaced what had been taken.

"A huge thanks to those who rallied round and put cash in her basket, which I will use to keep her fed.

"It really was a heartless thing to do, whoever did this should be ashamed."

Largs News Camera Club member Ian Dalgleish is a regular walker near the haven and often features Marina in his photos.

He said: "Everyone who walks along the marina path looks out for the cat.

"Some leave food in a container attached to the fence and she enjoys all the attention she gets.

"This cat has become a friend to all who walk along the path between Largs marina and the railway.

"She has made this her home for about a year now. Nobody knows where she came from, except the cat of course.

"It was very kind of Benny to step in and do this."

Fellow camera club member Francesca Pearce added: "Marina is the most photographed cat in Largs. Lots of people look out for her and a couple come from Fairlie every day to feed her. I’ve always got something for her when I’m going that way.

"The marina path is her home - I was shocked to hear what had happe