During her live set, country music star Sunny Sweeney told the audience that she has fallen in love with Millport  - and the Scottish accent!

The 45 year old Texan was wowed by the reception she received by the island crowd - and said it was the best weather she had experienced after months of touring.

The one hour show was eagerly anticipated and included tracks from Sunny's fifth studio album to be released in a few weeks time.

She also thanked Festival chief Gavin Chittick for inviting her to Millport for the spectacular.

Gavin praised Sunny as she was coming off stage and said: "How good was that?' to whoops and cheers from the crowd.

Sunny said she was amazed at the Scottish atmosphere - and wanted to get a photo with every member of the crowd at the autograph tent. 
Next up on the Nashville stage is headliner Drake White.