NORTH Ayrshire has the second highest level of vacant and derelict land in Scotland - with approximately 1,203 hectares spanning over 212 sites.

As part of the levelling up process, the council is submitting an application to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which replaces EU funding which ends in December 2022, to try and tackle the situation.
The council's business plan for 2022-2025, presented to cabinet this week, states that a total of 25 per cent of these sites are owned by the local authority or other public bodies. 
The report states: "There is a link between areas of high deprivation and proximity to vacant and derelict land. 
"As such, bringing these sites back into productive use is of critical importance. 
"The diverse nature of the issue means that a one-size fits all approach including funding pots will not be successful. 
"Large public funding is vital for land remediation and kick-starting large projects, as the risk profile is often too great for private and community investment.
The Repurposing Property Grant Fund was launched in early 2022 by North Ayrshire Council to support landowners and community groups to bring vacant land and properties back to use. 
The first phase of it has an allocation of £200,000, which has been earmarked for feasibility studies.
However, the report says that greater funding from both public and private sectors will be needed to translate these plans into action.