West Kilbride's Nicola Benedetti has paid tribute to The Queen - and praised her sense of duty, grace and humility. 

In her tribute, the world class violinist recalls her face to face meeting with Her Majesty.

She said: "During this meeting, she told me of her profound belief in collective music making, in collective action, having all devices and distractions banished from the room with everyone present and committed to the same endeavour. 

"She was incredibly funny, told me of her and her sister having a giggling fit as young girls because Yehudi Menuhin was breathing so loudly as he played for them. 

"I think many of us wish we had an ounce of her grace, humility, consistency, reliability and stoicism. This had nothing to do with her title. It was her character, discipline and sense of duty to others. 

"I hope she will admired most for the human qualities she demonstrated and gifted to the world. 

"We are currently in Cardiff with the Benedetti Foundation about to do what I know she believed in. We will do it inspired by her discipline and grace."