A POLICE road safety blitz in Largs over the last month has resulted in a number of arrests.

Officers have been carrying out safety checks on the A78 and around the town after concerns were raised about speeding and the general standard of driving on local roads.

Police mounted three cameras on the A78 to count vehicle numbers and monitor speeds.

As a result a man, 24, has been reported for alleged dangerous driving and failing to stop for police. His vehicle was tracked down to Moorburn Road and he was charged.

Meanwhile, a 20-year-old driver was reported for alleged driving without insurance or consent from the vehicle owner on September 10 in Greenock Road. Another male, 32, was reported for alleged driving without a valid MOT or insurance in Irvine Road and a 25-year-old man was reported for driving without a valid policy of insurance.

Sgt Paul Semple, of Largs police, said: “Concerns were raised by members of the community in relation to speed and manner of driving on the A78 and in and around the town.

“Officers were placed at locations identified to carry out safety checks and promote driver safety.

“I would encourage everyone to take care when travelling in the area and ask them to drive with road conditions in mind.”