Locals were left starstruck last night by a massive meteor like object whizzed over the River Clyde last night.

Stunning footage was captured above by the web cam at Mapes of Millport cycle and toy shop on the Isle of Cumbrae.

Residents in Largs who were fortunate to get a glimpse of the fireball told the News that it was 'very close, dipping down left to right over Bute, with a bright long tail.'

One stargazer told the News: "It was massive, I have never seen one that size in all my days."

Another night-time viewer said: "Saw it on Haylie Brae over Largs - a large green fireball with tail at approx 9.55pm.

While another said: "Just saw what looked like a really bright low shooting star or an out of control firework shoot between Cumbrae & Largs - What WAS that??!"

The UK Meteor Network began receiving reports of a fireball spotted about 9pm on Wednesday, 14th September.

The agency said it was ‘investigating to ascertain what the object was, meteor or space debris’, adding that most reports had come from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Steve Owens, astronomer and science communicator at the Glasgow Science Centre, saw the fireball.

He told BBC's Good Morning Scotland: "It was incredible, I was sitting in my living room at exactly 10 o'clock last night and saw out the window due south this brilliant fireball, this meteor streaking across the sky, and I could tell that it was something special because I could see through broken cloud, it wasn't perfectly visible, I could see that it was fragmenting, breaking apart, there were little bits coming off it. 

"And normally if you see a meteor or a shooting star they are just tiny little streaks of light, they last for a fraction of a second, this one was streaking across the sky for at least 10 seconds probably longer than that and it travelled from due south all the way across to the west so it was a pretty incredible sight.”