LARGS Academy held their annual prizegiving this week to celebrate another year of pupils' top achievements.

Seniors achieved a record breaking set of results, gaining over 1,600 pass marks, with 90 per cent of S4s achieving at least one National 5 and 51 per cent of S4 achieving five or more A-C passes.

More S5 pupils than ever before achieved Highers, with 75 per cent of S5 gaining at least one and 25 per cent given five or more.

In S6, 33 per cent of pupils gained an Advanced Higher - the school's best ever result.

After three long years, the school show returned with Shrek The Musical, the academy's football team lifted the Ayrshire Schools Cup for the first time and pupils raised £15,000 for causes and charities close to their hearts.

Head teacher John Doherty said: "I'm incredibly proud of them all."

The results were as follows: S1 Certificate Winners: Alistair Allan - Design & Manufacture, Luke Archbold - Computing, Geography, Modern Studies, Ryan Armstrong - Business Administration, History, Oliver Barr - Design & Manufacture, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, Music, Samuel Barr - Art & Design, Maths, PE, Marley Black - Design & Manufacture, French, Jude Boyd - English, Macewan Buckland - Business Administration, Drama, Food & Textiles, Charlotte Burns - Science, Amelia Church - Graphic Communication, Ruby Collins - Spanish, Erin Connick - Graphic Communication, Eva Cormack - Music, Alexandra Dickie - Business Administration, Ava Dixon - English, Marc Eardley - Spanish, Kai Elliot - Computing, Food & Textiles, Maths, RME, Casey-James Ferguson - Art & Design, Computing, Drama, Food & Textiles, Geography, Music, Spanish, Maths, Sofia Gatto-Garzoni - Food & Textiles, Historym Erin Gracie Design & Manufacture, History, Daisy Halbert - Food & Textiles, French, RME, Rachel Halliday - Art & Design, Modern Studies, Evan Hill - Science, Tyler Irwin - Maths, Miriam Jolliffe - Science, Austin Li - PE, Florence Macnamara - Spanish, Lucy McLaughlin - Modern Studies, Spanish, Phanu McLaughlin - Art & Design, Design & Manufacture, Sonny McManus - Drama, Graphic Communication, Tristan McNair - French, Ella McPake - Music, Finlay Muirhead - Food & Textiles, French, Geography, Graphic Communication, History, PE, Hannah Neilson - Graphic Communication, PE, Science, John Nimmo - PE, Annie Norris - RME, Chloe O’Hara - PE, Zara Puglisi 0 Art & Design, Music, RME, Alexandrea Punzalan - Art & Design, RME, John Raymond - Business Administration, Sophie Rice - Geography, Modern Studies, Music, Kate Shelley - Art & Design, Computing, Graphic Communication, History, Maths, Modern Studies, Science, Spanish, Stuart - Short Drama, Kouper Sloss - Business Administration, Modern Studies, Rory Smith - Geography, History, Will Sutton - Business Administration, Jacquelyn Teaz - Computing, English, Maths, RME, Maisie Telford - English, Christopher Tizzard - Computing, English, Abigail Whitby - Design & Manufacture, Anna Woodall - French, Brooke Young - Science.

S2 Certificate Winners - Eva Aitken - PE, Science; Sophie Allison - Business Administration, Food & Textiles, Spanish. Zaki Aron - Computing, Food & Textiles. Will Beaumont - Computing, History. Cameron Blair - Graphic Communication, Eloise Brennan - French, Geography, Graphic Communication, Maths, Science, Spanish, Lexi Brown - Design & Manufacture, Science; Beth Bruce - RME, Nina Buchendorfer -Art & Design, Modern Studies, RME, Skye Cameron - PE, Madison Campbell - RME, Alexandra Craig - Food & Textiles, Isla Dapre Music, PE, Jamie Ennis - Design & Manufacture, French, PE; Michelle Esslemont - Design & Manufacture, French, PE Business & Admin, English, PE, Aine Flanagan - Art & Design, Guilherme Francisco Freitas - Art & Design, Spanish; Dylan Galt -Computing; Caleb Gentleman - Food and Textiles; Genevieve Gillespie - Science, Spanish, Katie Govan - Food & Textiles; Luke Grundy - English, French, Geography, Maths, PE, Lily Hepburn - English, Lexi Hinds - Design & Manufacture, Struan Hobson - French, Science, Maths, Maeve Hogan - Geography, History, Spanish, Modern Studies, Kiera Hunter - Business Administration, Isla Kennedy - Art & Design, Computing, Graphic Communication, Eva Keogh - Music, Anneke Kuyt - History, Cody McCafferty - Graphic Communication, Shaun McCuaig - English, Food & Textiles, Cameron McDaid - Modern Studies, Angus McEachran - Geography, Modern Studies, Science, Holly McFadzean - Art & Design, History, Modern Studies, Logan McGinn - Computing, Owen McGrath - Computing, History, Music, Innes McNicol - Spanish, Cecilie Melgaard - Business Administration, English, Maths, Music, Derren Milligan - Design & Manufacture, Music, RME, Elliot Milner - Music, Lachlan Nicholson Business Administration, French, Becky Ranson Graphic Communication, Jayden Rooney Design & Manufacture, Hayden Scott RME, Kaya Tatar - Geography, Maths, Flynn Thomson - Business Administration, Clark Wallace - Graphic Communication, Hope Wallace- Design & Manufacture, Angus Wark - Maths, Nina Wylie - Art & Design, English, French, Geography, History, Modern Studies, RME.

S3 Certificate Winners - Samuel Alcorn - Business, Eliana Alpert - Art & Design, Business, German, Grayson Anderson - Drama, Ruby Anderson - Drama, Music Technology, Aiden Armstrong Computing, Sophie Atkinson - English, French, Music, Zaina Azad - Maths, Modern Studies, Millie Black - English, History, Practical Cookery, Euan Boyd - P Ailidh Brobyn - Art & Design, Geography, Music, PE, Spanish, Likiesha Brown - Royal Caledonian Society Grow & Learn, Jackson Burleigh - Music, Max Burns - Graphic Communication, Lucy Cairns Modern Studies, Max Cardwell - Music Technology, David Cockerill - English, History, Ophelia Conner - Chemistry, Computing, Graphic Communication, Physics, Dylan Connor - Practical Cookery, Naideen Dailly - Chemistry, Dance, History, Physics, Adam Daisley - French, RME, Finn Dale - Modern Studies, Faith Davis - RME Eva Farnell - Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Geography, Maths, RME, Strath Ferguson - Computing, Music, Music Technology, Pauline Fisher - Dance, Euan Forrest - Design & Manufacture, Paige Galloway - Administration, Travel & Tourism, Josh Gilmour - Performance, Spanish, Thomas Goodwin - German, Noah Graham -Art & Design, English, History, Cameron Greenham - Performance, Adam Hart - Administration, Business, PE ,Jack Hay - German, Maths, Jake Hendry - Design & Manufacture, Ruairi Herrington - Music Technology, Aidan Hodge - Maths, Physics, Viktorie Hruba Chemistry, Maths, Lydia Hutchinson - Business, Modern Studies, Trygve Irwin - Geography, RME, Heather Jack - Dance, Adam Johnson - Administration, Sophie Kelly - Dance, Physics, Emma Jayne Kennerley - Biology, Maths, Zak Khettabi - Performance, Jack Lafferty - Physics, Jessica MacCalman - Art & Design, Biology, Practical Cookery, Tia Marriott - Biology, Hannah Marshall - Administration, Chemistry, Geography, Emma McGowan - Biology, Maddie McGregor - Music, Nell McGregor - Art & Design, Music Technology, September McKee - Design & Manufacture, French, History, Modern Studies, Harris McNicol - Design & Manufacture, Rohan Meechan - Performance, Lila Miller - Early Education, English, PE, Grace O’Hara Chemistry, Geography, History, Spanish, Niamh O’Malley Business, Marie Paton - Early Education, Lauren Peckover - PE, Hamish Proctor - Graphic Communication Ailish Rae - Modern Studiesm Kian Rae - Design & Manufacture, Lauren Raymond - Administration, Keira Robinson - Dance, Cara Russell - Biology, Practical Cookery, Spanish, Rebecca Shanks - Graphic Communication, Dylan Shearer - French, Music; Cameron Smith - Computing; Elita Smith - Dance, Practical Cookery, Performance; Ellie Smith - Dance, Practical Cookery, Performance Performance, Frederick Smith - Performance, Heather Sommerville - Spanish, Zack Stevenson - Computing, Callum Stewart - Administration, Ben Tomlinson - Business, Brodie Turnbull - Practical Cookery, Lucas Ucci - Graphic Communication, Jack Uppington - Graphic Communication, Scarlett Walker - Art & Design, PE, Isla Waller - Geography, Music Technology, Cooper Wark- RME, Fraser Waters - Computing, German,George Wilson- Early Education, Chloe Workman - RME.

S4 Certificate Winners: Ffion Allan -Travel & Tourism, Health & Food Technology, Jessica Allan - Chemistry, Cullen Anderson - Graphic Communication, Leah Anderson - PE, Dance, Isla Archbold - Business, French, Maths, Spanish, Biology, English, Jason Armstrong - History, Modern Studies, Music, Cameron Bagshaw - Health & Food Technology, Art & Design, Business, Casie Barbour - Application of Maths, Svyatoslav Boychuk - Computing, Mungo Boyle - Computing, Music, Taylor-Mai Brown - Art & Design, Dance Louis Bulloch - Computing, PE, Olivia Burns - Biology, English, History, Maths, Spanish, Eve Caldwell - Chemistry, Adam Cameron - Physics, Alexander Cameron - History, Cormac Cameron-Finn- Drama, Music Technology, Darragh Carr - Biology, Lara Connick - French, Thomas Connick - Team Sports, Design & Manufacture Emma Copeland- Chemistry, Julia Coulthard - Drama, Music, Music Technology, Luca de Jong - Graphic Communication, Physics Sofia Doolan - Modern Studies, Chemistry, Corin Evans - Music Technology, Business, William Ferris - Team Sports, Application of Maths, Erin-Leigh Finlayson - Science & Health, Jay Fisher - Biology, Lochay Forbes - Team Sports, Design & Manufacture, Maddie Fox - Photography, Calum Gordon - Art & Design, Antony Govindia Russell - Art & Design, German, Graphic Communication, Maths Cole Graham - Team Sports Jacob Grant - German, Graphic Communication, Jade Greig - Practical Cookery, Dance; Connell Griffiths - Application of Maths, RMPS, Eryn Gulbe - Biology, Declan Guy - Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Geography, Physics, Kyle Hamilton- Biology, Chemistry, Evie Hardy- Graphic Communication, Photography, Keir Henderson- PE, Patrick Hill - French, Aliya Hitter - Photography, Nathan Hogg - Geography, Modern Studies, Lewis Holburn - Design & Manufacture, Ronan Holburn- Chemistry, Cameron Ironmonger - Chemistry, Geography, Physics, Spanish, Darren Irwin - PE, Reece Johnstone - Biology, Paige Kean - Biology; Andrew Kennedy - Chemistry, Practical Electronics, Georgia Kirkwood - Business, Lucy Letham - Design & Manufacture, Colin MacLean- Physics, Scarlett Macnamara - History, Nathan Marshall- Administration, Business, Cosmo McBain - French, Taylor McBride- Drama, Dillon McCallum - English, Steven McCart - Application of Maths, Amber McCarthy - Application of Maths, Ryan McCloskey- English, Application of Maths, Anna McDiarmid - French, Aidan McEvoy -Chemistry, Esther McGregor- Chemistry, History, Jamie McIlroy- Team Sports, Maria McKechnie - Chemistry, Maths, Music Technology, Physics, Emma McLarty - History, Blair McLean- Chemistry, Sarah McMillan- Business, Scott McMurdo- PE, Cameron J McNeill - Design & Manufacture, Application of Maths, Eve McPake - English, Biology, Anya Milligan- Drama, Music, Evie Mitchell - Health & Food Technology, Practical Cookery, Caera Murray- Music, PE, Spanish, Katie Parker - Practical Cookery, Callum Russell- Modern Studies, Archie Scollin - Computing, Laila Stevenson - Dance, Rana Tatar -Health & Food Technology, Douglas Taylor - Team Sports, Chemistry, Grace Tennant - Geography, Mathieu Terry - Spanish, Keira Thompson- Spanish; Sally Tokou - Computing, French, Hannah Turner - Physics, Lauren Turner - Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Maths, Physics, Miles Wallace - Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Modern Studies, Physics, Robbie Weir - Health & Food Technology, Eva Wilson - Photography, Ruby Wilson - Art & Design, Practical Cookery, Poppy Wilson - English, Music, John Wilson - Practical Electronics, Joseph Wylie - German, English, Modern Studies, Maths Rayco Gonzalez Wylie - Biology.

Academic Excellence – 7 As at National 5: Isla Archbold, Jason Armstrong, Olivia Burns, Cormac Cameron-Finn, Jacob Grant, Cameron Ironmonger, Anna McDiarmid, Esther McGregor , Maria McKechnie, Emma McLarty, Archie Scollin, Lauren Turner, Miles Wallace, Joseph Wylie

S5 Certificate Winners: Emily Anderson - Drama; Sana Azad- French; Zara Bainbridge - PE, Lara Bergene - Photography, Heather Blair - Design & Manufacture, Rebecca Boyle - Dance, Application of Maths, Maisie Boyle - Music, Elle Campbell - PE, Andrew Carson - Chemistry, Music Technology, Augusta Cervone D’Urso - French, Spanish, Kai Chalmers - PE, Finlay Colston - Graphic Communication, Estella Conner - Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, Maths, Eva Connon - Art & Design, Spanish, Lucy Coutts - Physics, Carla Crawford - RMPS, Dominic Daisley - Biology, Lois Diamond-Roberts - Maths, Shannon Docherty - Dance, Drama, History, Kayla Dobbin - Business, Andrew Duff - Biology, Joshua Ennis - Graphic Communication, Beth Forrest - History, Music, French, Anna Frew- Music, Max Guthrie - Application of Maths, Benjamin Hamilton - Physics, Juliet Hobson - Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Joseph Hogan - History, Modern Studies, Holly Honeyman - French, Jaiden Honeyman - Computing, Chloe Hood - Dance, Drama, Kacie Hopkin - Photography Valentina Hruba - English, Vojtech Hruby- German, Francesca Hunter - Art & Design, Elouiza Hussain - English, Spanish, Calum Jamieson - Music, Stewart Jarvie - Maths, Jada Kane - Chemistry, Geography, PE, Warrick Keir - Physics; Hazel Kennedy - Geography, Skye Kennedy - Spanish, Amy Kerr - PE, Niamh Kinsella - Art & Design, Photography, Alice Lawrie - Administration, Business, Application of Maths, Kyle Mackay -Physics, Corin Mackenzie - Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Maths, Nairne Matthew - Design & Manufacture, PE, Jaden McCreadie - Practical Electronics, Harrison McDavid - Computing, Ruby McGill - Biology, English, Maths, Physics, Callum McGowan - Health & Food Technology; Callan McKee - Computing, Graphic Communication, Bonnie McKiernan - Art & Design, Lloyd McLachlan - Drama, Music Technology, Ewan McMath - Design & Manufacture, Fraser McRory - Application of Maths, Eva McTaggart -Photography, Aidan Meechan - Graphic Communication Cairn Miller - Spanish, Imogen Mochrie- Modern Studies Lara Morrison - Graphic Communication, Maths, Sasha Nardini MacFie - Music, Ross Pauline - Practical Electronics, Nicole Pollard - Administration, Application of Maths, Olivia Przygoda - Practical Electronics, Catherine Reid - Spanish, Megan Renton - Health & Beauty, RMPS, Grow & Learn, Laura Shaw - RMPS, Callum Smith - Geography, Modern Studies, Molly Smith - English, Health & Food Technology, Aimee Steel - Business, David Sutherland - Graphic Communication, Evie Taylor - Health & Food Technology, Alasdair Thomson - Practical Electronics, Katie Trotter - Art & Design, Chemistry, Geography, Lauren Weipers - RMPS, ,Megan Wigzell - Art & Design Molly Wilson - History, Modern Studies, RMPS, Daisy Young - Business, Fraser Young - Design & Manufacture.

S6 Certificate Winners Karys Allan - Environmental Science, Photography, Willow Allan - Modern Studies Christopher Anderson - Sports Development, Serena Armstrong - Photography, History, Grant Arneil - Chemistry, Music, Aidan Boyce - Music, Biology, Physics, Jack Brooke - English, Spanish, Environmental Science, Georgia Brown - RMPS, Joe Bulloch - Music, Cami Cassells - Practical Cookery Mark Cockerill - Maths, Sarah Convery - Art & Design, Morgan Devlin -Sports Development, Lily Ewing - Drama, Music, Music Technology, Abbie Fleming- Dance; Fionn Gallagher- Art & Design, History, Eva Graham - Business, Lachlan Graham- Practical Cookery, Louise Groves - Art & Design, History, Olivia Hamilton- French, Spanish, Mariella Hanlon- Administration, Adrian Herrero-Redden - Physics, English, Modern Studies, Alyssa Hitter- Health & Food Technology, Jessica Hogg - Environmental Science, Aaron Kinning- Music Technology, Katie Leahy - Sports Development, Jilly Lefebvre -Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Niamh MacArthur - Chemistry, Sports Development, Cameron Macdonald - Photography, Hannah MacDonald -Biology, Erica Marshall - Biology, Dawn Martin - Art & Design, Design & Manufacture, Ewan McCulloch - Maths, Physics, Rory McCulloch - History, Fraser McDougall - History, German Euan McFadzean - Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Faith McGregor - PE, Max McGregor - Art & Design, English, Music Technology, Joseph McIntosh - Maths, Physics, Ruby Mitchell - Health & Food Technology, Katie Muir - Art & Design, Business, Ruby Muir - Music, Connor Muirhead - Music Technology, Physics, Ailis Neilson - Sports Development, Archie Nelson - Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Tyler Newton - Music, Jamie Paton - Chemistry, Environmental Science, Jack Ramsay -Sports Development, Design & Manufacture, Callum Robinson - History, Eilidh Robinson - English, History, Nathan Robinson - Computing, Louise Russell - Biology, Leo Sinclair - Music, German, Courtney Thomson - Art & Design, Scarlett Thomson - Dance, Claire Turner - Dance, Emma Walker - English, History.

Estella Conner and Corin Mackenzie - Dux winners.

Academic Excellence – 5 As at Higher - Estella Conner, Juliet Hobson, Joseph Hogan, Corin Mackenzie, Ruby McGill, Imogen Mochrie, Callum Smith, Valentina Hruba*

Valentina Hruba achieved 7 As at Higher.