A SPATE of frauds and scams in Largs culminated with crooks trying to rip off a vulnerable pensioner

The 79 year old from Millennium Court didn't pass over any details and instead reported the matter to police, who told the News it was the last of three attempted swindles.

Sadly a 41-year-old from Gateside Street was scammed in an internet con while a 37-year-old local woman has been arrested for allegedly using a victim's bank details.

She has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

We recently revealed that there has been a 67 per cent jump in fraud in Largs over the last year, according to new crime figures.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Fraud is a crime in where deception is used for personal gain. It is usually to make money.

"With technology growing, fraudsters are more sophisticated. Many types of fraud exist.

"All reports of fraud and any other financial crime locally should be reported to police via 101 without delay."