CHRISTMAS has come early for the people of West Kilbride after a local family opened up a festive-themed shop - in SEPTEMBER!

The Clarks have thrown open the doors of Tis the Season at 65 Main Street inspired by their love of the annual time of peace and goodwill to all.

Halloween might not have even arrived yet but the Christmas-obsessed family say it is never too early to welcome some festive spirit.

The venture is the brainchild of Cameron Clark, whose also employs his technical wizardry to transform the family's Manor House home into a massive Christmas wonderland that they throw open to the public each year.

While it is unusual for a Christmas shop to open so early in Scotland, it is a trend which is common in America where shops selling goodies around December 25 are open all year round.

Cameron told the News that the reaction from the West Kilbride public so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

He said: "I love Christmas and I knew we had to up our game again this year. The shop has a completely different range of trees, lights and decorations that you won't find in a standard store, so it is something special and unique.

"We knew people were excited when we started getting notes asking for us items in our window display before we even opened. That has given us confidence that the concept is going to be well received.

"It is always a gamble when you do something like this, but we are very grateful for all the support from not just the local community but also from people travelling down from the Glasgow looking for something a little different.

"The feedback we have had in just the first two weekends we have been open has been amazing. Customers say the shop's very essence has brought back good memories."

The Clarks will also be celebrating Halloween at Manor House with the return of their popular house and garden display.

Cameron said: "We have done Halloween walk-throughs before, but for the first time October 26, 29 and 30 are completely sold out.

"There are spaces left on the early days but they are now limited on the Friday before Halloween and on Halloween itself."

Called The Phantom Of the Manor, upon entering this year visitors will have to locate and mark off 13 mysterious items located in the property and it’s grounds before being granted access to the 'tunnel of treats' where the phantom will be waiting.