LARGS golfing icon Sam Torrance was the happiest man in the country in the summer of 1980 as he regained the Scottish Professional Golf Championship at East Kilbride.

It was a title he was determined to capture following the bitter disappointment of losing in a play-off to Sandy Lyle the year before.
Elsewhere, Lynne Allan cried tears of joy upon hearing the news that she had been selected to be the next Brisbane Queen.
There was an emotional embrace between the retiring 'monarch' Fiona Boyd and the new incumbent as she received the robes and tiara.
The impressive sum of £410 was raised by a group of local men in aid of the West of Scotland Kidney Appeal after a marathon darts match lasting 12 hours. The participants were Derek Swiatek, Iain Young, George McLean and Tom Paxton. Delighted appeal chair, Shona Johnstone, Ina Wotherspoon, appeal secretary, and Helen Macari, appeal treasurer, also featured in our photo.
Also in the 1980s, Largs Preschool Playgroup mothers helped the brand new Viking Festival, which was introduced in 1980, with a fundraiser and West Kilbride pupils were getting crafty for the village fete float parade.