A controversial offshore supply ship which services oil rigs is set to leave Hunterston this week.

Fairlie Community Council have been informed by harbour operator Peel Ports that the ship is due to leave.

The ship has reached the end of its design life and is to be decommissioned.

The Foinaven Petrojarl was being transferred to Hunterston on an interim basis to facilitate a safe handover to the owners, the Teekay Corporation.


While at Hunterston, some BP equipment was removed from the vessel prior to handover. 

Teekay have now taken over the operation of the ship from previous owners BP.

The vessel is no longer carrying any oil cargo.

Fairlie Community Council raised concerns about the ship during its stay at Hunterston as smoke seen from the ship was the result of start-up of engines and boilers.

Residents reported fumes emanating from the ship, which sparked North Ayrshire Council into carrying out an investigation.

A spokesperson for Peel Ports said: "Be reassured that, as a working port, Hunterston PARC continues to provide berths for different vessels and we comply fully with all relevant health, safety and environmental requirements."