A Halloween house of thrills and spills had a different horror to contend with as it was getting ready to open its doors to expectant crowds this evening.

The illuminated show was hit with a power problem which resulted in a blackout denying visitors the opportunity a walkthrough of the spectacular gardens filled with ghouls and ghosts.
Organisers had to hurriedly post up the details to customers after the Manor House Halloween opening night was hit with the power failure.
The Manor House in West Kilbride is once again being converted into a Halloween house of horrors with a thrilling evening of dazzling ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, and dancing and singing skeletons. 
However, the organisers were forced to cancel the walkthrough on the opening night.
Cameron Clark, who launched the Halloween spectacular several years ago, said: "Unfortunately we lost power to all of the inside of the house and patio. 
"The electricians have been called and will be here as soon as they can be hoping it's a simple fix.
"However as we open in just a few hours we are going to cancel tonight's walkthrough at this point. 
"If we can get the power fixed then we will still go ahead with great joy tonight 
"If you had a ticket for tonight we will honour it on any night from tomorrow till the 29th at the same time. 
"We kindly ask you pick the date that would suit you best to come and you just have to show us the tickets for tonight we you arrive there is no need to message us. 
"We are very sorry and promise that we will have it fixed even if that means a generator.
"The show must go on."

Cameron employs his technical wizardry to transform the family's Manor House home for both Halloween and festive inspired events.
He said: "I have always thought of October 31 as being a special celebration - we have plenty of room and the area will be lit with eco-friendly LED stage lighting, setting the mood around some animatronic surprises we have in store."
In recent years, the Clarks produced a stunning Christmas celebration at their house using 150,000 LED lights, and this year have plans to host another festive spectacular. Cameron has also been involved in opening a new Christmas shop in West Kilbride called 'Tis The Season'.
For more details, go to themanorhousestore.com