A FAMILY have thanked the public for giving them a final few weeks with their beloved pet dog after he fell down an embankment into a burn.

Andrew Turner and wife Margret turned to the community for help after dementia-stricken Boycie slipped and became trapped during an afternoon walk in woodland near Noddleburn.

The couple, fellow dog walkers and a group of local children began a exhaustive search of the countryside and nearby walks before the 15-year-old pooch was eventually found cowering and shivering under a bridge near Greenock Road.

Sadly Boycie, who was deaf and suffered from arthritis, passed away peacefully last week with his devoted owners by his side.

Andrew, from Gogo Street in Largs, said: "He had one last adventure to keep us all on our toes and we would like to thank the public for their help.

"Thanks to their efforts, we got him home safe and sounds for a final few weeks of love, attention and treats before he slipped away.

"Boycie was an old gent, but deaf, riddled with arthritis and had dementia. However he still enjoyed going for walks, pats and plenty of cuddles. We will miss him terribly.

"It was down to the huge effort and tireless work of local people and some fellow dog walkers that he was located. Boycie was traumatised and soaking wet but thankfully unharmed from his adventures.

"We owe all of those involved in helping to find him a debt of gratitude."

Andrew, who is a retired geophysicist, explained how Boycie disappeared.

He added: "We were walking in the woodlands and I looked away for a few seconds and suddenly he was nowhere to be seen. Because he is deaf, we couldn't call him back either.

"The minute word got out that he was lost, everyone just rallied to help. We were so moved by the determination people showed, nobody gave up until word came through that he had been found safe and well.

"Finally someone phoned to say he was under the bridge where the Noddleburn goes under the main road and into Aubery Park.

"He had gone to the edge of the burn and fell in, then paddled all the way back to where he could get out of the water.

"We were so delighted to get Boycie back safe and sound."

Margret, a former Royal Navy worker, said: "We adopted him around 10 years ago after his owner had to go into care.

"Despite his disabilities he loved life and thanks to everyone who helped out that day, we were able to enjoy his company for another few weeks. I was so impressed by the warm heart of the Largs community, people's kindness really shone through when we needed help.

"The Largs dog-walking community is second to none when it comes to caring for our pets."