FED up residents on Cumbrae have been being forced to wait over TWO YEARS to have smart meters installed on the island.

Unhappy islanders say they have been plagued by unreliable appointments, dead ends and in some cases have been waiting more than two years for an installation to be carried out.

Ward councillor Todd Ferguson, who lives on the island, has now written to the area’s MSPs and asked them to speak to energy companies to find a solution to the problem.

He said: “I have been contacted by concerned residents on Cumbrae about the length of time it is taking for energy companies to install smart meters here.

“Many have been trying unsuccessfully for over 12 months to get appointments or an installation.

“Since 2015 the island has had a very efficient SSE contractor who is based on Cumbrae that was responsible for the meter readings.

"The contractor is still a resident, however they no longer have the contract from the energy company to work on their behalf."

Cllr Ferguson says locals have been hung out to dry, with no proper commitment from utility firms to install the meters which can save users hundreds of pounds a year.

He explained: “The feeling seems to be that sending someone from the mainland to read or install individual meters would be cost prohibitive.

“It is claimed that there is an engineer on the island one day every week at the moment, so if that is the case why are customers waiting so long to receive an appropriate service?

“What is clear from communication I have seen is that customers are waiting far too long and being disadvantaged because of where the live."

Cllr Ferguson this week urged MSPs to demand an explanation from the energy firms and find out if re-contracting to an island engineer can be explored.

He added: “I am sure politicians will agree that the level of frustration experienced by island residents in trying to arrange smart meter installation or meter readings is unacceptable.

“This is just another example of discrimination against island residents from some service providers.”