FALLING leaves have created a slippery issue for joggers in Largs and Fairlie.

Constituents who have raised concerns about the volume of leaves which have been allowed to accumulate on the road between Largs and Fairlie.

Local roads campaigner Archie Burleigh is one of those who have hit out.

He said: "The east verge and pavement running between Largs and Fairlie adjacent to the A78 is in a dangerous and cluttered state due to the accumulation of grit, weeds and leaves.

"This is a popular walking, and jogging route and as such should be cleaned on a regular basis. The kerbside must be kept free of weeds to facilitate good drainage.

"This needs to be sorted."

Local councillor Tom Marshall has vowed to get on the case.

He said:: "The accumulation of leaves is contributing to the growth of weeds and blocking drains.

"The whole east side of the road between Largs and Fairlie needs to be thoroughly swept, cleaned and the drainage sorted out as it is causing quite bad flooding in heavy rainfall."

Mr Marshall told the News he plans to raise the issue with Amey.