West Scotland MSP Jamie Greene has slammed the Scottish Government for its “complete abandonment” of Hunterston B.

The Conservative MSP has expressed his dismay following the revelation that the cabinet secretary for net zero, energy and transport has not visited the site since coming into post 18 months ago.

Responding to a written question submitted by Mr Greene, Michael Matheson MSP stated that he has never met with staff from the Hunterston B nuclear power station either virtually or in person. 

Greene expressed his disappointment and regret at the snub, which he believes overlooks the important work the station is doing as it goes through the de-fuelling process.

He said: “It’s appalling that the cabinet secretary in charge of Scotland’s energy mix hasn’t once bothered to visit the power plant.

“One which employs hundreds of people and has powered millions of homes, including his own most likely. 

“He is clearly putting his ideological opposition to nuclear power ahead of supporting and engaging with the workforce.

“He is clearly far too busy being told what to do by his coalition Green partners who are calling the shots in government these days.

“Perhaps he is embarrassed that his government failed to include Hunterston in the Just Transition Plan and has scared off much needed investment in jobs and energy production in North Ayrshire.,  

“This comes at a time when our energy supply is being blackmailed by Putin and we should be pulling out all stops to source domestic energy.

“The Scottish Government’s complete abandonment of Hunterston and the entire nuclear industry is intolerable and unforgivable"