CALLS have been made to address flooding problems at several accident blackspot that have plagued drivers for 15 YEARS.

Campaigners say that stretches of the A78 have posed serious risks for too long - and have called for action to address the issues before someone is killed.

Their plea comes after a Largs councillor was involved in a near miss on one of the local trouble spots during a torrential downpour last week.

Tom Marshall was driving the road on Wednesday when he hit a deep puddle just north of Auchengarth and almost lost control of the car.

He said: "I was travelling at sensible speed and in a large Mercedes, but I fortunate not to come off the road.

"Earlier in the day I drove on the A78 between Largs and Fairlie where there was the usual extensive flooding on the southbound lane. This has continued over many years as the gulleys are infested with weeds and leaves."

Councillor Marshall has now written to maintenance body Amey and operators Transport Scotland urging them the carrying out inspections and any relevant works.

He added: "I was only driving around 40mph and in the dark any flooding it is very difficult to see.

"If I had been in a lighter car I may well have skidded off the road and been thrown on to the rocks.

"It was possibly a foot deep, so the drainage is clearly failing.

"Constituents say that the road is inspected when the weather is fine, so the extent of these flooding issues aren't being detected.

"People tell me that the problem has existed for over 15 years on the road and it needs addressing."

Resident Archie Burleigh, who lives in The Meigle, has also flagged up the issue to both Transport Scotland and Amey.

He said: "The first storm of winter hit and the entire road between the no limit sign at Largs and the Skelmorlie Castle road end on the A78 was awash with whole road width floods and long deep roadside puddles.

"The worst area is the dip just to the north of the Auchengarth Farm entrance.

"There was water over a foot deep in the middle of the road. The existing drainage is not fit for purpose due to road culvert crossing invert being higher than the roadside drainage. Notwithstanding the east verge roadside drain is choked.

"The Meigle often has three large long deep puddles - two on the north carriageway and one southbound - due to the drains being blocked.

"It is time to get a contractor issued with a works order and sort this once and for all."