THE council's decision to dismiss an appeal for a dog creche application has been slammed by Largs Community Council.

We recently reported that Lynsey Ewing's application for a pet daycare at the former Bluestone premises at the Lovat Street junction had been turned down by the local review body of North Ayrshire Council on appeal, after the planning department initially rejected the application.

Community Councillor Jamie Black this week blasted the knock back.

He said: "There was no objective scrutiny, it was pathetic.

"Their decision focussed around noise, and there were no objective tests.

"They didn't consider - could we overturn it with conditions - if there are complaints it will be monitored, or look at providing limits - instead you can only have ten dogs, five of which can go outside.

"Personally I thought it was a good idea but I didn't think Ms Ewing got a fair hearing."

Fellow member Wendy Low Thomson was another strong supporter of the plan.

She added: "The arguments as to how any noise would be controlled weren't even tested.

"I think it was a great shame - and a missed opportunity."

Environmental Health officers said their main issue was with the noise of barking dogs - something Lynsey had planned to use calming classical music to combat.