Football columnist George Wall reflects on Largs Thistle, VAR and Cristiano Ronaldo

I was not at the Largs game on Saturday having went to the Kilbirnie game instead, it was not a great game to watch with Kilbirnie getting beat 3-1 from Cumbernauld and I don’t see Kilbirnie getting back into the top division based on what I watched. 
I did though watch the videos of the goals Largs lost and Arnie must have been raging with the team. 
It was too easy for Clydebank. 
Largs really need now to concentrate on this super competitive league. Four league games from now until the end of the year and all games are winnable.
The World Cup has kicked off and VAR started with the controversy early. 
Anyone think that goal should have been disallowed in the opening game? The game itself began well with Ecuador looking as if they would overwhelm Qatar but after half time they really just saw the game out, not much excited there. 

It’s the “big” Scottish Cup this weekend with a few junior teams looking to pull off a shock. 
It would not surprise me if Auchinleck went and got a result at Raith. The Raith heads will be down after their 5-2 defeat at the weekend and Auchinleck look to be bang on form. 
CR7 getting a lot of stick for the interview he done with Piers Morgan. 
While I can’t comment on the going’s on at Man U, the comments he made about young players to me rings true. 
At our level I think a lot of younger players don’t put enough into the game.
The majority in my opinion could do better. A lot of young players seem to think they are better than they are . 
Well Gio has been sacked at Rangers. 

Germany and Argentina would normally be among the pre-tournament favourites so it was a big shock to see both of them beaten in the opening days of the tournament - but Spain were scintialling in their seven goal demolition job of Costa Rica and look the team to beat so far.
For me it was inevitable he was going not because of his results but because of Celtic’s. That is the benchmark. 
Who comes in now ? I have no idea and don’t see any obvious candidates. 
Can Rangers do a Celtic and pull a Ange out the hat?