A new show is coming to Barrfields next year celebrating the life of showbiz legend Sir Billy Connolly

The announcement of the national tour was made to mark the legendary comic's 80th birthday today.
Plans to stage a new play about the life of the legendary comic have been unveiled which will see The National Theatre of Scotland tour 'Dear Billy' across Scotland next year.
It has been described by national theatre director Jackie Wylie as a 'love letter' and an expression of what he means to Scotland.

And even a seat will be saved at Barrfields Theatre for the Largs show on June 16 2023 in case he wants to drop by.
The play features stories from the general public about the Glaswegian funnyman.
Billy makes headlines wherever he goes and in 1977 tv and news reporters all made a beeline to Largs.
His sell-out show sparked a protest outside due to controversial religious content.
Former News editor Drew Cochrane said: "Billy brought his tour to Barrfields theatre and I went backstage to share a beer. I recall we had to make our way past an organised protest outside the theatre, led by radical Protestant preacher, Pastor Jack Glass of the Glasgow-based 20th Century Reformation Movement.
"He described Connolly’s satirical story, ‘The Crucifixion’ as sacrilege but I noted a number of local church elders enjoying the concert.
"Naturally, box office records were broken."