A LOCAL roads campaigner is calling for a thorough 'sweep' of the A78 to halt the flooding that has been brought the road to a standstill twice in recent weeks.

Archie Burleigh, who lives at the Meigle, believes urgent action is needed to clear the route and make it more 'weather-friendly' - and has received backing from Largs councillor Tom Marshall in his plea.

Debris and leaves have built up along the east side of the carriageway, resulting in flooding and weeds blocking drains between Largs and Fairlie.

However roads bosses and council chiefs are each saying the responsibility for tackling the problem lies with each other.

Mr Burleigh, a retired engineer, says a full clean up of the road is now required from Wemyss Bay to Ardrossan to restore it to an acceptable standard.

He said: "In August 2020, Amey became the new term contractor on behalf of the Scottish Government.

"At this point all road sweeping services on the A78 Ardrossan to Skelmorlie ceased.

"Prior to this date, this service was carried out by North Ayrshire Council and as many will have noticed, the lack of action has resulted in the existing roadside drainage infrastructure being compromised with silt, leaves and other detritus causing extreme flooding on Tuesday and last Friday.

"I have now asked Amey to please raise this at their next meeting with the NAC chief executive Craig Hatton to see if and when this cleaning service can be reinstated - and if not why not?"

Conservative councillor Tom Marshall also believes the route has been neglected in recent years.

He told the News: "The A78 between Largs and Fairlie has been severely left to its own devices over the last two years, with leaves and litter accumulating along the east side of the carriageway resulting in flooding and overgrown verges.

"Thankfully Amey did make an effort in the last month to tidy from Skelmorlie to Largs, but the remainder is frankly a disgrace.

"I would be keen to press for progress."

A spokesperson for Amey claimed responsibility lies with the council - who say it lies with Amey.

They added: "Routine litter picking and the sweeping of A Class roads are undertaken by the local authority as per the NMC South-West Trunk Roads contract. During programmed trunk road maintenance, and when programmes mutually align, Amey provides the local authority safe trunk road access under existing traffic management to undertake these duties. The programme for road sweeping on the A78 will be determined by the local authority."

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council however responded: “The sweeping of trunk roads is not a function of North Ayrshire Council.

“Under the terms of the contract, maintenance of drainage channels is the responsibility of Transport Scotland’s operating company. This has been the case for many years."