Largs Thistle boss Stuart Davidson has made an urgent appeal for more people to get involved behind the scenes to sustain the future of the club.

Davidson, who has been involved in the Thistle management since 2015, believes the situation is now serious in terms of lack of volunteers.

The committee which run the club only have a small dwindling band of helpers, and need much more help in terms of fundraising going forward as Largs bid to retain their Premier League status.

In an SOS to supporters, Davidson said: "I have been saying it for a long time now and it is getting to a point that we could end up in a bit of bother if we don't have people coming in to help.

"It is a worry for me - I have been at Largs a long time and I can't always let it pull my heartstrings - I have ambitions as well and I really need to see more people help from the community and the club before I decide what I am going to do about my future.

"The club are not in the best position, and hopefully over the next few weeks we can get the committee going and a bit more sponsorship which is very much needed to sustain the future of the club."

Despite these challenges Davidson has guided the club to ninth in the highly competitive 16 team West of Scotland Prmier League.