CONCERNED parents of pupils at Largs Academy have spoken out after huge patches of water ingress were spotted in the school.

The News was contacted after the damage was noticed on the back of heavy rainfall that has blighted the area in recent weeks.

One parent claimed there were buckets placed around the school to catch the drips, which was coming into the multi-million pound flagship campus building from a number of different locations.

They said: “It’s a bit disconcerting to see this as a parent. The building is very new by school standards, so I was shocked.

“There were lots of buckets in there and significant damage to parts of the ceiling, and that is only what we can see from the ground. Who knows what is going on internally.

“Blocked drains at roof level appear to have been the cause, but if this is a design fault then it’s a big and costly problem.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council confirmed that issues with drainage from the school roof was to blame and says blockages were cleared quickly by workers.

They added: “During the recent inclement weather, part of the roof drainage system became blocked, causing water ingress.

“The blockage was cleared by the contractor and remedial works will now be undertaken at no cost to the council.”