AN IMPATIENT car passenger has landed himself in court after launching a tub of hair gel at a cyclist from a moving vehicle.

Largs man Barry McCammond struck the victim on the leg with the object and pleaded guilty to assault.

The 22-year-old, who has no previous convictions, was hit in the pocket for his stupidity when he appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week.

Thursday's hearing was told that two men were cycling together along Greenock Road, towards Skelmorlie, at around 9.35am on August 8 when McCammond decided to act.

They cycled past Nardini's, pictured, and were near to St Mary's Star of the Sea Church when they noticed a red Volkswagen Golf behind them.

The court was told the car beeped its horn several times to make the cyclists aware that they wanted to get past.

The fiscal told the court: "The witness started cycling in front of the other in single file to allow the car to overtake.

"The car drove past them at the appropriate distance and at normal speed.

"The front passenger side window was open, and as the vehicle went by, the accused leaned out of the window and threw a small tub of hair gel out of the window.

"It hit the cyclist on the calf which caused pain but no injury."

As the car drove away, the cyclists took a picture of it and its registration plate, before attending at Largs police office to give a statement.

McCammond, who was later cautioned and charged, told police his mum had been driving and they did not think the cyclists were moving fast enough.

He admitted losing his temper after getting frustrated at the fact that the pair continued to cycle two abreast on the road.

His solicitor said: "This is the first time he has been in a court. He has never been in any trouble before.

"He fully accepts that what he did was unacceptable.

"It was unnecessary and it seems out of character from speaking to him."

Sheriff George Jamieson ordered McCammond, of Charles Street, to pay £200 in compensation to the victim.