Posters have been appearing around Largs and surrounding towns and villages containing contact numbers and details of locations where help can provided during the cost of living crisis.

It comes after concerns over whether locals were aware of the services available to them including childcare, help with food or energy payments. 
Councillor Alan Hill said: "These posters have been put together for the benefit of local people and will be displayed in shop windows, libraries and other visible places. 
"The aim is to try and ensure that people are aware that there is help out there and where to turn to when they need it."
Cllr Eleanor Collier added: “There is a lot of good work going on across the North Coast and many local groups and clubs are opening their doors to provide help and support for people directly in their own communities.
"These take the form of drop-in sessions, lunch clubs and in some cases parent and toddler drop in sessions. 
"It is great to see our communities responding to this crisis and taking steps to ensure that people are cared for at this difficult time.”
The new posters which have gone up around Largs and Millport give important financial advice with various points of contact to help.
Former councillor Grace Maclean said: “It is essential that everyone makes sure that they are claiming every benefit or support to which they may be entitled. Certain benefits like Pension Credit also open the door to other benefits and it is crucial that everyone make certain they are getting everything they should.
This does not only mean your own income but may be monies available to help because you are caring for someone else or your own circumstances have recently changed. It is also worth checking entitlement and this can make all of the difference for individuals.”