FURIOUS football club players have shown the red card to dog fouling after its players found their home pitch covered in mess.

West Kilbride AFC, who play in the village’s Kirktonhall Glen, have pleaded with residents to be more considerate and to pick up after their pets.

The club's committee told the News members are on the brink of seeking funding to erect a fence to put around the pitch if a bid to keep walkers out because the situation has become so bad.

A spokesperson said: “We’ve all seen the social media posts about people who don’t pick up their dog poo on the pavement’s – it’s grim.

“At the weekend we played our first home in the glen for a couple of months and unfortunately had the pleasure of our players sliding through mountains of dog poo.

“The football club in the village isn’t perfect, but we are trying to do our best for the community and support the sport across all ages by allowing the use of our pitch.

“Unfortunately, it has left us considering requesting funding to fence the pitch off to protect it, because we can't go on like this."

The club says it won’t shut out youngsters, even if the barrier is erected.

The spokesperson added: “We took on ownership of the pitch a few years back and work tirelessly to raise funds to keep the community club going.

“We celebrated 75 years this year and are intent on being around for a few more; hopefully doing more for the community and more importantly the youngsters within it.

“If a fence goes up, we will allow still access for the young boys and girls to have a kick around in the summer time and holidays.

“We charge minimal prices for the boys teams in the village to use the facility at the moment and our committee, which is made up entirely of volunteers, try and support West Kilbride the best we can.

“It still costs us money to pay for the paint, the upkeep of machinery, refs, gas and electric, and if it wasn’t for our incredible groundsman there wouldn’t be this facility at all."

The club has issued a final plea to dog owners.

Their spokesperson said: “It is quite simple, just pick up after your pet and the pitch can remain freely accessible for everyone to enjoy."