A Largs shop is on the lookout for youngsters to potentially star on the telly. 

The Bus Stop Toy Shop on Irvine Road says a large telecommunications company may film in the shop in the coming weeks. 

Owner Duncan Conner is asking parents with youngsters aged 11 to 13 who are interested in gaming to get in touch. 

He said: "Potentially one of the scenes, showing table top gaming, might be filmed in Bus Stop Towers.

"I’m using the word “potentially” a lot here becausenothing is set in stone yes, although this is potentially very exciting.

"The production company would like to feature real, regular players from the store - not actors.

"Initially they’re looking for 11-13 year old (or thereabouts) gamers to shoot for one day sometime between 7th & 15th March.

"If picked, I believe there are appearance fees involved if the scene is used in the final advert.

"It’s a tight turnaround for time, so if your child is a regular player here and likes the idea of appearing, please get in touch with me as quickly as possible (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Email) and I’ll give you more details."