If you're Scottish then you will have watched at least one episode of Still Game. 

The hit comedy show ran for nine series and a live show at the Hydro as it captured the hearts of the nation over its two decades on the telly. 

The show has been filmed in locations across Scotland, but did you know that part of an iconic episode was filmed in Largs? 

Episode six of series five saw fans favourite Winston move from Craiglang to the seaside town of 'Finnport' for a new and happier life. 

However, things don't work out that way as Jack and Victor travel to the seaside to catch up with their old pal, only to find out he is miserable and wants to move back to the city. 

Parts of the episode were filmed at the regular BBC studios in Dumbarton, with other scenes in Saltcoats too. 

But a key part of the episode showed the characters staying in a B&B on the seafront, which was filmed in Largs!

Finnport View Guest House was actually located in Aubery Crescent, as can be seen from the Google Maps snap below. 

Largs and Millport Weekly News:

Although much has changed including the bench that the characters sat on, some of the features of the buildings remain the same.

At the end of the episode, Jack, Victor and Winston are also pictures standing in the sea, with the Largs slip and surrounding buildings in the background.