CUMBRAE residents are being urged to come out in force this weekend to protest against a proposed solar farm on the island.

A fresh planning application has been submitted to North Ayrshire Council for the development, which would cover one per cent of Cumbrae at the island’s highest viewing point.

Campaigners have raised serious concerns about the plans - and have vowed to fight against them.

Comsol Energy, the firm behind the application, claims the project will be beneficial for the island and will help reduce energy bills in the future.

But Cumbrae Community Council has organised a protest at island's highest point on Saturday at 11am, with residents urged to bring an umbrella as part of the demonstration.

A spokesperson said: “It rains 183 days a year on Cumbrae. Can this really be the best place for a solar farm?

“This development will blight the highest point viewing area and the core path walk. It will also be visible from Largs and Fairlie.

“The site is within the Great Cumbrae Special Landscape Area and the Barbay Hill Local Nature Conservation Site.

“Traffic to and from the solar farm will use the ferry, and power generated will be taken off the island with no benefit to the local community.”

Councillor Todd Ferguson, a Cumbrae resident, is urging locals to turn out if they share his views that the solar farm will be a blight on the island.

He said: “Unfortunately I can’t make it myself this weekend, but I have objected to the solar farm and will continue to do so.

“It’s quite clear from the response from islanders that this isn’t a development they want to see here.

“I am not against renewables, but the size and location of this particular solar farm is causing concern.

“I would encourage everyone to attend the protest, because it is going to affect people that live and work here.

“We need to demonstrate that we are strongly against it - the bigger the crowd then the more powerful the message will be.”

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