CONCERNED islanders are calling for a blitz on anti-social behaviour after graffiti was daubed all over a bus stop in Millport.

Police are investigating the vandalism, which took place at the seafront shelter last week.

Elected officials are now hoping to reach out to youngsters on the island in a bid to avoid any further incidents.

Councillor Todd Ferguson says he plans to convene a youth forum and will feed back to islanders what the young people have to say.

He explained: “The graffiti in the bus shelter was not acceptable. Thankfully it was kindly removed over the weekend by a kind-hearted local with a power-washer.

“It is important that we don’t set a precedent for any kind of graffiti and we want to stamp it out before it becomes an issue.

“I’ve spoken to council officers to arrange a youth meeting to try and engage with our young people and see what they want on the island to fill their spare time.

“We want them to share their needs and aspirations with us so we can start work to make them happen.”

Fellow councillor Ian Murdoch hopes that the opening of the new Men’s Shed in Largs can help contribute to a solution.

He said: “It has always been very difficult to get a dialogue going with young people, as they just say there is nothing to do.

“Our shed is opening in Largs next month and I’d like young people on Cumbrae to bear it in mind.

“Our membership is for people aged 18 and upwards so it could be a great place for a younger generation from Cumbrae to come and learn new skills.”

Alex Harvie, chair of Cumbrae Community Council, is inviting the island’s young people to join their meetings and be heard.

She added: “If a young person wants to come to any of our meetings they would be made more than welcome.

“We could have a section dedicated to the island’s youth, and I think it would be useful for both sides to understand each other better.

“I know the church has been running sessions for teenagers, but they have been poorly attended so far.

“There are things on the island for youngsters to do but it’s about letting them know where and when these activities are on.”