Coats Observatory in Paisley say keep your eyes on the skies over the coming days as there is a possibility of catching Aurora Borealis activity.

One of the best shows ever seen in the local vicinity was witnessed on the evening of Sunday February 26 - with some amazing displays on the Clyde Coast captured by Largs and Millport News Photo Club members.

Popular spots include Portencross as it is away from street lights which prevents light pollution.

When a solar storm comes toward us, some of the energy and small particles can travel down the magnetic field lines at the north and south poles into Earth's atmosphere. There, the particles interact with gases in our atmosphere resulting in the eye catching displays of light in the night sky.

And a Coats Observatory spokesperson said today: "The aurora forecast is looking reasonably good over the next couple of nights.

"Earth is currently within a fast-moving stream of the Solar Wind and there is the chance we will get side-swiped from a passing Coronal Mass Ejection, which will further boost the solar wind and the chance of any aurora displays.

"They might not be on a par with those from last week but there's no such thing as a bad aurora display.

"Whilst fairly clear skies are forecast for this part of the world for Tuesday we do have the full Moon to contend with, which will wash out all but the strongest of displays.

"It's not impossible to see the northern lights under a full Moon but it certainly doesn't make it any easier.

"As always the best advice is keep an eye on the various aurora forecast sites as well as the weather ones and go out and take a look if its clear - standing outside under a sky blanketed with stars is never a bad thing!

Here are some aurora forecast sites -

Weather forecast sites -