A SPECIAL community fundraising project which has donated tens of thousands of pound to charity is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Once a week on a Wednesday throughout the season of Lent, Largs churches unite to organise a simple lunch to raise money for Christian Aid.

This event has been taking place annually for the last 50 years, with the exception of 2020 when Covid was at its peak.

The lunch consists of soup, now provided by local hotels and restaurants, a roll and cheese and a cup of tea or coffee, all for a modest donation of £3.

At the 40th anniversary, organisers said of the money collected over the years amounted to £65,000 however this has significantly increased since Gift Aid was introduced

The lunches commenced in 1973 in the Clark Memorial Church Hall, with all the town's church congregations working together to provide kitchen staff and people to set up the hall and to wait on the tables.

Since the beginning hundreds of people, men and women have been involved.

Lent Lunches spokesperson Jean Jackson said: "The clergy of the town have always been very supportive of the scheme as the churches work so well together. Many lasting friendships have been forged in the Lent Lunch kitchen which bodes well for the future union of the churches of Largs."

A 50th anniversary lunch will be held before Easter in Clark Memorial Church Hall to mark the occasion. Get in touch with the church to find out more.