A film crew descended on a popular Largs shop to shoot for a TV advert for a major company.

Bus Stop Toy Shop on Irvine Road was closed on Friday morning for the project, and reopened in the afternoon.

The exact nature of the filming and the eventual advert is being kept under wraps, with four regular customers of the store set to appear when it airs.

Owner Duncan Conner admits it was a unique experience to be involved, likening the young actors to movie stars.

He said: “What an amazing morning! An incredible experience with a crew of many dozens, with thousands of pieces of kit descend on the store for the TV commercial shoot.

“Met some amazing people and had the great privilege of watching them all click into their places in the creative jigsaw.

“It’s hard to believe that there was lighting, cameras, smoke machine, monitors, camera crew, producers, directors, an art team, electricians, location managers, cast handlers, and many more.

“Everyone was so friendly and professional. Just a joy.

“Hats off to our four young regulars who appeared in the shots. You were amazing.

“What a moment when I heard all the crew radios blurt out, ‘cast are on their way’ and you walked in the door with huge overcoats over your costumes, like movie stars.

“An unforgettable day at Bus Stop Towers! Now the wait to see if the shots make the final advert.”