A DRIVER has been slammed for abandoning her car at one of Largs' busiest town centre junctions.

Community councillor Robbie Stevenson told the News he was 'dumbstruck' after seeing the Audi at the junction of Aitken Street and Gateside Street.

The incident occurred just before midday on February 27.

Robbie said: "I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing.

"This woman, who was in her 50s or 60s, got out the car and walked off towards Main Street. To block a junction in this way was very dangerous indeed.

"I think this highlights why we really need parking wardens in Largs, there could well have been an accident."

Later this year, parking is to be decriminalised which will see a maximum one-hour stop in a bid to prevent motorists from parking all day and snarling up spaces.

The council will also soon be taking over parking enforcement duties from the police – known as Decriminalisation of Parking Enforcement (DPE) - meaning parking attendants will be employed to enforce on-street and off-street parking violations, handing out £60 fines.

The incident above has been reported to Largs police.

Sergeant Mark Semple says his officers are continuing to monitor parking until it is handed over to wardens.

He added: "Could I remind all residents to be mindful when parking within the town centre area."